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Biolan Oy – pääkonttori

Käyntiosoite: Lauttakyläntie 570, 27510 Eura
Postiosoite: PL 2, 27501 Kauttua, avoinna arkisin: 8–16


Tilauspalvelu: (02) 5491 666, arkisin klo 8–16,


Tuoteneuvonta puhelimitse: 0600 16999, arkisin klo 9–12 (50 senttiä minuutti + paikallisverkko tai matkapuhelumaksu)

Biolan - Creating a greener world

Biolan manufactures and sells products for ecological gardening as well as environmental products. The company has own production facilities in Finland, Estonia and China. The products have been developed in co-operation with the best experts in the field since the 1970's.

Biolan has been a partner in the sustainable development process throughout its 40-year history and its whole business idea is based on sustainable development and the use of recycled raw materials. Biolan produces substrates, fertilisers, composters, dry toilets and other items for ecological living. Biolan has production plants in Finland, Estonia and China.

We operate in an environmentally ethical manner, and develop, produce and market high-quality products for gardening, professional cultivation and ecological living that help to reduce the environmental harm caused by people.


Facts of Biolan group

Mother company: Biolan Oy 

Subsidiaries: Biolan Baltic Oü | Solarthor Oy | Biolan Suzhou Co. Ltd | Novarbo Oy| Kiertoravinne Oy

Joint stock company: Favorit Tuote Oy

Biolan Group

  • The Biolan group turnover 39,6 million Euro (31.12.2017, 17 months)
  • Biolan group employs about 130 people (2017)


Biolan Ekoasuminen Oy

Biolan Ekoasuminen develops, markets and sells solutions of ecological living in Finland.
Novarbo Oy

As of 1.8.2010 the company will be responsible for marketing and development of the Novarbo system intended for greenhouses and the products for professional farming.

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Favorit Tuote Oy

The assembly plant of Favorit Tuote manufactures for example Biolan composters, dry toilets and wastewater treatment systems.

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Biolan Baltic Oü
A subsidiary in Estonia that processes peat products. About 50 per cent of its production volume is exported all over the world..
Biolan OOO
A sales company founded in Russia in 2009. 
Biolan Suzhou Co. Ltd
A manufacturing company in China.

Biolan Oy

  • Founded in 1974 as part of H. Kariniemi Ky
  • Biolan Oy is private family-owned company with place of business in Eura.
  • Biolan Oy turnover 23 million Euro (31.12.2017, 17 months)
  • Biolan Oy employs about 54 people (2017)


Values of Biolan

Biolan emphasizes lasting values and ecology in all its activities. Product development is a continuing process and quality assurance is systematic.


“By thinking about the well-being of our personnel and using our know-how wisely, we successfully develop, manufacture, and focusing on the customer needs, market profitably high-quality products for cultivation and for the environment, which reduce the environmental load caused by mankind.”


Leader in sustainable development


Our activities are sustainable. We operate in an environmentally and ethically acceptable manner in our own business area. We minimise and measure the key environmental impacts of our activities. When it comes to our stakeholders, we apply the same principle as in our own operations.




The profitability of our business activities ensures the continuity of our operations and enables the company values of Biolan Oy to be respected. We operate in the long term. In the family enterprise, the quartile is 25 years rather than three months. In our economic planning, we apply longer-term incentives, such as the overall life cycle impact of the product.




We are at the forefront of evolution in all our key business areas. We anticipate changes and react to them in a creative and agile way. We improve our activities continuously. Our product development creates new solutions and approaches unbiased and boldly. We ensure that the level of our staff's skills is maintained and improved


Customer and consumer orientation


The customers and consumers pay our wages. We in cooperation with our customers want to assist the consumers to make decision that are truly sustainable. We will keep the promise that we have made to our customers and to the consumers.




Biolan wants to combine the practice of good leadership with the realities of the business world. Fairness does not mean forcing everyone on the same level. Each employee is rewarded by their individual performance, competence and skills.

Product development and production 

Product development


Our product development department tests and improves our products continually and develops new products based on needs of the customers. All raw materials, intermediate products and finalized products are analysed in the laboratory and test-grown in our greenhouse.




Within the scope of its environmental business area, the Biolan Group receives different effluents from agriculture and industry. Their nutrient content and energy is recycled for reuse. In this way the need for utilising virgin nutrient and energy sources is reduced.


Production and products


The items intended for domestic consumption are mainly manufactured in the production plant in Eura. Some of the products in the environmental product range are subcontracted from other companies in the group. All the products based on manure raw materials, the fertilizers and the growing media, are produced in the company's own plant in Eura. The plant operates in three shifts, five days a week. The products are delivered either from the plant warehouse or via regional warehouses directly to retailers using contract carriers.


The Estonian subsidiary Biolan-Baltic Oü, which processes peat products, supplements the export activities of Biolan. Its entire production volume is exported all over the world. About 60 % of the export volume is delivered directly from Estonia, whereas about 40% comes from Finland. 


Product range


Biolan offers a wide variety of high-quality products. At present, the product range comprises about 100 different sales items. These are divided into several product groups:

  • Organic fertilizers for gardening and professional farming 
  • Substrates for gardening  
  • Substrates for professional greenhouse farming  
  • Organic potting soil products for indoor plants  
  • Organic nutrients and conditioners for indoor flowers  
  • Composters and composting products  
  • Dry toilets with accessories 
  • Equipment for wastewater treatment 


Sales and marketing of the products


In addition to the domestic market, Biolan Oy also markets the products manufactured by the company itself and by its subsidiary in other EU countries, in the Middle East, in the Far East, in Southeast Asia as well as in North and South America. Export is playing an increasing role.