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What happens in the Naturum, and how does it work?

Composting of solid waste
A. Solid waste drops into the drum through the seat opening.
B. The drum is rotated using the pedal in order to cover the fresh waste with the compost mass and to avoid creating any odour.
C. The compost is mixed by rotating the drum.
D. The mass gradually drops through the opening in the division wall into the emptying receptacle.
E. The composting process goes on in the emptying receptacle (14).
F. Urine and washing water are separated as "clean" and drained out of the unit.

G Ventilation routed to the roof.
Operation of the drum
The pedal (18) is fixed to the draw wire (19), which turns the drum around counter-clockwise viewed from the front. As the pedal is released, the wire returns to its initial position. The hold wire (20) keeps the drum in position, preventing it from turning back. The other ends of the wires are fixed to the draw and hold springs (21, 22) at the support wheels of the drum (34, 35).